About Us

Posboom Distillers Situated in the Heart of Mossel Bay. Founded back in 2014, Posboom has grown to be a renowned Craft Spirits & Liqueur Distillery.

Posboom Distillers is named after the iconic "Post Tree" found in Mossel Bay and the name Posboom is the direct Afrikaans translation of 'Post Tree". The tree is believed to be over 600 years old and was used as way for Settlers and Voyagers to communicate as they pass by.

Back in 1488 Bartolomeu Diaz was the first European to Navigate to the most Southern tip of Africa. One of his most famous discoveries was the place now known as Mossel Bay. He would then write letters and leave this at the world renowned post tree for the next voyagers to find.

Posboom Distillers is situated a few hundred meters from the Iconic Post Tree. Over the years Posboom Distillers has managed to won Multiple Gold and Double Gold medals at international Spirit awards.  

As Posboom grew so did its manufacturing capacity. They now supply to multiple retail stores throughout the Western Cape and Gauteng. Although we ship nationally throughout South Africa using only the best courier services available. To ensure quality of each bottle there is only one person who mans the distilling and manufacturing of each batch.